A New Beginning: From Blogger to WordPress

Two weeks ago, I decided to delete all the posts published in my blogger blog. The initial thought was, “I will stop blogging”. But the thought of quitting doesn’t stay long enough that I find my self sitting in front of the computer and signing up to a new blog in a new platform.

Sudden Change

Whenever I clicked on the “sign up” button, there’s this aura that keeps pulling me to make and create a new blog. Yes, I’m that fascinated to make a new blog almost every year. I also change my other social media accounts so often that I already have more or less 10 Facebook accounts. I’m totally a social media weirdo, don’t judge me.

This blog is still under massive construction and I have to work on the different aspects — theme, domain, widgets and all. But I’m enjoying it and I can’t wait to see the changes brought about by the decision of moving to WordPress.

Why WordPress?

I have always thought of blogging through WordPress, but I don’t have the guts since it seems like it is harder to manage than the previous sites I’ve tried. Now that I have all the guts I need, I stopped hesitating about how I am going to start. Thanks to the ever helpful Google and Pinterest and other blogging tutorial sites, I am ready to try WordPress and its wonders.

Love for Change

Tweet: To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often

The quotation stated by Winston Churchill can actually explain why I love change. I am not striving to be perfect but I’m striving to be better version of what I can do now and who I am today. Maybe, this will not be the last blog that I will make but I will stay here as long as it can fulfill my need for change.


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