Hazel: What’s In A Name?

According to Mama, my first name was derived from the name “Hazel Joy”. Instead of copying the name, Papa took the Hazel part and Mama added the Ann part from the name of my grandmother Aning/ Anicia. That was the origin of my name, by the way, I’m “Hazel Ann“.

Hazel originates from the English word hazel, a kind of bush or small tree that produces nuts. Hazel is also a color that combines light brown with green and gray.

Who Is She?

Instead of including all the traits mentioned in Kalabarians and First Names Meaning, I will just mention the traits that are undeniably me.

  • Sensitive and highly emotional
  • Strong- willed, resourceful, daring and assertive
  • Passionate
  • Independent, serious, reticent, and studious nature
  • Deep appreciation for art, music, literature, and all the phenomena of nature
  • I do not reveal my innermost thoughts unless I am completely comfortable in our friendship

The sad truth about my personality was shown here:

“If her means don’t allow her to live up to her ambitions she could become aggressive, authoritarian or even dictatorial, unless she is able to realize her grandiose aspirations through the intermediary of her partner. She was born to create and accomplish, and while she is an idealist she is also a materialist and rather down to earth with a natural flair for business. Brisk, impatient and often in a hurry, she can lack in subtlety and tolerance, becoming quite carried away at times. Autonomous, frank and direct, she doesn’t give in easily and can be argumentative. Proud and conceited, she would like to be the best at everything. If she doesn’t manage to land the role she desires, she will still win in a way by becoming the leader of the opposition. She is more sensitive than she would have you believe, and is more likely to be swayed by her emotions than by any amount of force.”

What Does She Like?

“An emotionally orientated woman, she essentially seeks romance and a soul mate, although this can sometimes be a challenging area. She can be uncompromising and is hardly submissive; however she only admires and respects those who she judges to be stronger than her. She is a true friend and while she may be egocentric, she is also generous, good company, attentive to others and always prepared to give advice or help if she can. In matters of the heart, she is an idealist, naive and loyal and doesn’t deal with upheaval very well. She doesn’t understand the concept of hesitation, and when in love, she is passionate and intense, willful and possessive.”

My traits are making me freak out about myself. I have to face the reality that I am most of the time being possessive, it’s it my nature.

What Does She Do?

“Capable of aiming very high, professionally speaking, although she will remain essentially self-taught. At the same time, success is her love life will also be extremely important, because as already mentioned, she wants to win at everything. She could therefore lean towards the liberal professions or those that would allow her to retain her autonomy. Professions that could be appropriate include those connected to the world of business, management, finance and banking, in connection with a certain power (military and law enforcement) or with sport and action, as well as occupations concerned with all forms of advice and counsel.”

I have always been the kind of girl who wants power above anything. I don’t want to be the underdog of anyone. When it comes to the profession, I always love the idea of serving the country by being part of the military but I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology and planning to take up higher degrees in Law Enforcement.

Truly, an aspect of our life can be described by the things we possess — in this case, my name described 3/4 of who I am.

How does your name describe you? Let me know if you’ll agree with the description of your name too.

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